Hindu Art

T. Richard Blurton

Hinduism has always glorified in depicting the divine, and over the centuries has inspired art which is often colourful and visually exciting. This survey provides an introduction to the Hindu temple architecture, sculpture and painting of the Indian subcontinent over more than two thousand years.

Stylistically Hindu art is not homogeneous, so this book adopts and approach based on iconography and the history of cults. Two introductory chapters provide historical and religious background; these are followed by a chapter on the architecture, decoration and use of Hindu temples. The central section of the the book is devoted to an examination of the art of the three major cults of Hinduism: the worship of Shiva, Vishnu and the Great Goddess, in all their many forms. The last chapter offers a chronological and regional overview of this complex and fascinating subject. T. Richard Blurton was the curator in the Department of Oriental Antiquities in the British Museum, working on the South and Southest Asian collections when this book was published.

Published by British Museum Press, London, 1992

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  • ISBN 0714114421
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  • 239 pages, 100 colour illustrations and 50 black & white illustrations
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