Dated Qingbai Wares of the Song and Yuan Dynasties

Peng Shifan (chief editor); Yang and Fengmei Houli, Fan (essays); Peter Y.K. Lam,(managing editor)

This volume records one hundred pieces of qingbai wares recovered from dated tombs spanning from AD 986 to 1348.

They were excavated mostly in Jiangxi province where Jingdezhen, from which the production of qingbai ware originated, is located. The aforementioned kiln complex is reputed to be the most prolific in the entire ceramic industry in the Song period. A pictorial record of such archaeological data is unprecendented. It is to serve as an important reference for the authentication and dating of qingbai wares. Its contribution to the study of this particular ware could not be more significant.

Published by Ching Leng Foundation, Hong Kong, 1998

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