Chinese Jade throughout the Ages

An exhibition organized by the Arts Council of Great Britain and The Oriental Ceramic Society

Basil Gray (foreword); Jessica and John Ayers Rawson,(introduction)

Catalogue from the exhibition by The Oriental Ceramic Society "Chinese Jade throughout the Ages" at the Victoria and Albert Museum during 1st May to 22nd June 1975

Exhibition Committee: Basil Gray Esq C.B., C.B.E (Chairman); John Ayers Esq.; Lt Colonel W B R Neave-Hill; Dr P H Plesch; Mrs. Jessica Rawson; Dr. Hugh Shire; R J de la M Thompson Esq; Paul Toller Esq. and Professor William Watson.; "This is the first exhibition devoted to Chinese jade which has been held by the Oriental Ceramic Society since 1948. In scale and scope it far exceeds that exhibition and indeed it is the first exhibition ever held in this country which has attempted to portray the full history of the subject in such detail. Chinese jades not only display extreme skill of craftsmanship but they are central to the history of Chinese culture. It was the material prized by the Chinese above all others, and therefore deserves a fuller presentation and more informed study than it has hitherto received in the West." excerpt from the foreword by Basil Gray.

Published by Oriental Ceramic Society, London, UK, 1975

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