Chinese Art: An Introduction

Mario Prodan

Mario Prodan is a scholar and collector who lived in China for more than twenty-five years. In writing this book, he has said that he wanted 'to throw a little light on a subject which hitherto has been obscure or vague to a large number of otherwise interested people; to give readers a conception of the term 'Chinese Art' higher than which is produced by enamelled cloisonné basins, little ivory figures of fishermen and embroidered sleeve-bands.'

His achievement of this ambition will be measured by the number of people whom he will cause to look at Chinese works of art with fresh understanding and renewed pleasure. After a preliminary chapter on the people and history of China, the author discusses with luminous authority and warmth the great Chinese achievements in painting, sculpture, porcelain, jade, bronze, ivory, lacquer, etc. In a book remarkable for its full, though concise, survey of the vast field of Chinese art, there is a particular interest in those passages which demonstrate a rare knowledge of Chinese techniques. The excellent plates have been selected both to illustrate the text and do provide a short anthology of achievement.

Published by Hutchinson & CO. (Publishers) LTD, London, 1958

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