Chinese Art: Textiles, Glass and Painting on Glass

Carvings in Ivory and Rhinoceros Horn, Carvings in Hard stones, Snuff bottles, Inkcakes and Inkstones (volume three)

R. Soame Jenyns and William Watson

The decorative crafts in China were an essential element in the unbroken tradition of technical and designing skills which sustained fine art in its most developed forms through three millennia of Chinese history. In some of the chapters of this book, for example those on snuff bottles and inkstones, the author puts us in touch with a quintessential aspect of Chinese taste. His chapter on textiles covers the whole development from the Shang dynasty onwards. That on glass and painting on glass is a pioneering Western account of a little-understood branch or craft. In writing on ivory and rhinoceros horn carving he deals expertly with a subject which, of all those he handles, is probably the most familiar in the West and held in the greatest affection. This third volume updates the first edition, published in 1965. The illustrations reveal the exquisitely fine workmanship in the textiles, and the rich and subtle colours of the carvings. The outstanding skill and sensitivity manifested in the works of these artists are a source of constant delight. The other two volumes are also available.

Published by Phaidon Press Ltd, 1981 - 2nd Edition

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  • 243 pages, 65 colour illustrations
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