Ceramics of the World: From 4000 B.C. to the Present

Lorenzo Camusso; Sandro and Bortone

Few art forms have a history as ancient and fundamental to daily life as ceramics, a medium of enduring beauty dating to the seventh millennium. Created primarily for their functional use, appreciators of the craft have long been drawn to the decoration of these objects, which show the prevalent artistic achievements and aesthetics of a culture.

This publication - the first illustrated survey of the medium - introduces readers to principal forms and the styles and methods of decoration that have existed for centuries. With lively contributions from experts in the field, the book succinctly traces the development of ceramics from prehistory to the present. Major ceramic-producing regions and significant periods in art are covered, including Ancient Greece, Rome, and the Mediterranean area, the Islamic world, Moorish Spain, Renaissance Italy, western Europe, the Far East, and North America. Along with the selection of simply crafted ceramics such as earthenware and stoneware are more elaborate creations, including majolica and porcelain, that have been glazed, painted, or otherwise decorated. Emphasis is on table and domestic ware, such as plates, pitchers, jars, bowls, and vases, along with beautiful tiles, statuettes, and contemporary ceramic art forms. Supplementing the 250 colour plates are line drawings of important decorative patterns and styles, as well as a glossary. This splendidly illustrated book is a useful resource for collectors and dealers and provides and easy-to-understand appreciation of the ceramic arts.; Contributors: John Ayers, Chinese Ceramics; John Boardman, The Near East, Egypt and the Mediterranean, Greek Vases, The Kilns of Ancient Rome; Geza Fehervari, Ceramics of the Islamic World; Henry-Pierre Fourest, European Majolica, European Porcelain; Madeleine Paul-David, Korean Ceramics; Adolfo Tamburello, Japanese Ceramics.

Published by Harry N. Abrams, Incorporated., New York, 1992

  • Language: English
  • Hardcover
  • ISBN 0810931753
  • 25 x 32 cm
  • 399 pages
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