Blanc de Chine: The Great Porcelain of Dehua

Robert H.Blumenfield

Beginning in the mid-thirteenth century, the kilns of Dehua, capital of Fujian Province in southeast China, began producing brilliant white porcelain pieces, the likes of which had never been seen before. These pieces were originally crafted with only domestic markets in mind, for use as cooking and serving ware, or for decorative or religious purposes. But as Chinese artifacts made their way around the world, a significant market for these porcelains blossomed in Europe, where they were prized for their refinement of form and beauty of glaze.

Written by one of the leading collectors in the field, Blanc de Chine: The Great Porcelain of Dehua weaver together an engaging, authoritative story of the precious art. Today, blanc de chine pieces are some of the most sought-after collectibles in the world of Chinese art, their aesthetic appeal lying in their stark shapes and color, and their impossibly delicate, glasslike glaze. For the connoisseur, author Robert H. Blumenfield presents dazzling photographs and important research findings from around the world. For the novice collector, Blumenfield details the differences between true blanc de chine and other white wares. For the Asian art enthusiast, he provides a rich historical account of the evolution of the form, and the character and technical mastery that distinguished its finest pieces. A major contribution to the field, Blanc de Chine will be treasured by all who appreciate the breathtaking beauty and fascinating tradition of this exquisite art. "The firs major publication on the subject since 1969, this lavishly illustrated volume radically reassesses every established scholarly opinion about the principally white ceramics of Fujian Province. Incorporating extensive new primary information, much derived from Chinese publications and academics, Blanc de Chine systematically reevaluates longstanding problems of dating, authenticity, documenting family kilns, and cross-cultural relationships between other crafts and potting in Fujian. This authoritative text will serve as an invaluable foundation for a new generation of research into this unique category of Chinese ceramics." Colin D. Sheaf, International Head of Asian Art, Phillips Auctioneers, London.

Published by Ten Speed Press, California, USA, 2002

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  • 240 pages
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