Asian Furniture: A Directory and Sourcebook

Peter Moss (editor)

Western-style furniture was a relatively late arrival in Asia, where climates and lifestyles were markedly different from those in Europe. But colonial incursions and the exigences of history conspired to bring about profound changes, and furniture design in Asia blossomed into a major decorative art. Each of the eight countries covered here - China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Tibet and the Philippines - developed its own particular designs, as unmistakably distinctive as its flag or anthem. Rather than simply succumbing to practical necessities.

Asian designers created pieces of furniture as works of art. Today these diverse pieces are treasured by collectors worldwide, from London apartments to Manhattan lofts, as well in the countries where they originated. The examples featured in this book have been drawn from private collections, antique dealers and museums around the world, and are organized by country and then by type: chairs, armoires, tables, chests and more. Each piece has been specially photographed and is described in detail, and the relations between the various periods and styles are explored. The texts have been written by experts from the eight countries represented in this book, making this volume not only a sumptuous overview but also a peerless reference source that will become an indispensable part of any collector's library.

Published by Thames & Hudson Ltd, London, 2007

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